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How Much Water Should You Drink a Day?

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Drinking water is essential for maintaining good health. It helps maintain the balance of bodily fluids and aids in digestion. Additionally, staying hydrated can improve cognitive function, regulate body temperature, and promote healthy skin. The National Academy of Medicine recommends an adequate intake of daily fluids of about 13 cups and 9 cups for healthy men and women, respectively, with 1 cup equaling 8 ounces. Higher amounts may be needed for those who are physically active or exposed to very warm climates. Lower amounts may be needed for those with smaller body sizes.

Some practical tips on how to increase water intake include carrying a reusable water bottle with you throughout the day, setting reminders to drink water at regular intervals, and flavoring your water with fruits or herbs to make it more enjoyable. Additionally, incorporating foods with high water content, such as fruits and vegetables, into your diet can also contribute to your overall hydration.

When in doubt always check with your doctor, especially for individuals with specific health conditions or on medication that may affect fluid intake.

Water Intake Calculator

Water Intake Calculator

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