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Money Lessons from Mother Nature: Understanding the Natural Laws That Money Obeys so That Making More Money Becomes Very Natural


Remember that Mother Nature is teaching us valuable lessons… All the Time!

All we need to do is first be willing to learn from her. Second, actually learn from her. And third, take Action. Consider her as your mentor. As we do with our Mother. She has the answers to every problem, every challenge we might be facing. And the way she makes available the solutions, is sometimes, so simple, that we tend to ignore.

Interesting, isn’t it… the same mother nature has given us one mind, the conscious one, which has over the period of time, exaggerated the idea of physical survival out of proportions. And the other mind, the unconscious one, one where all the simple answers to all our complex questions reside, waiting to be explored, waiting to be acted upon.

Every the answer you might be seeking for, is either there in your system, or there in your environment. These answers cannot exist anywhere else. This book, trains you to understand the language, our mother nature uses.

Author Sudhir Khollam explores this language and intends to talk directly to your unconscious and bring out all the answers you are seeking for through this book. Though he talks predominantly about money lessons from mother nature, this book will surely help you come up with answers to any situation of yours, be it financial, be it relationships, be it health and be it any other question.

Sudhir Khollam is an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Trainer and a Transformation Coach. He works with Entrepreneurs who are willing to seek help in their Business or any other areas of their lives. He has helped Entrepreneurs more than double their business within three months or less. He attributes his ability to help people grow to his unique skill to look down deep into their systems and their environments.


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