2024: Year of Elevation,  Fitness


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WOTY: Elevate

WOTM: Fitness

The different types of stretches and how they can improve flexibility and mobility.

Dynamic stretches involve moving parts of your body and gradually increasing your reach or speed of movement. These stretches can help improve flexibility by warming up your muscles and increasing blood flow to the areas you’re targeting.

Static stretches, on the other hand, involve holding a position for a period of time without moving. This type of stretch can help improve flexibility by lengthening your muscles and increasing your range of motion.

Incorporating a combination of dynamic and static stretches into your routine can help improve overall flexibility and mobility.

Always consult with your docter before starting any new fitness or exercise plan.

Woman’s Health: The Best Dynamic Stretches For Any Workout, According To Physical Therapists

The Vitamin Hippo: Static Stretching Examples To Enhance Your Exercise Routine


I’m going to put my MWH | Stretch (melissawoodhealth.com) subscription to use.

Yoga Mat

Stretching Strap


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