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Crystals + Gemstones – Keep Your Collection Organized + Stone Knowledge at Your Fingertips

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I finally have a system that not only helps me keep my crystal and stone collection organized it also has the information about each crystal and stones intention at my fingertips with the connected app. This has been the most helpful when I’m out crystal shopping. Best of all it’s FREE.

Airtable works like a spreadsheet but gives you the power of a database to organize anything.

I’ve taken some screenshots to show how I set mine up, but you can set yours up however you want.

Main Tab – Crystals + Stones



First column – I list the stone or crystal.

Second column – Is where I attached the photos.

Third column – I list the stones Intention, that is linked to another tab (photo below).

Fourth column – The notes on the stones or crystals that I researched.

Fifth column – I list the chakras that each stone or crystal works with. Also linked to another tab (photo below).

Sixth column – I check off if I have the stone already.

Seventh column – I use for my personal notes.

Eighth column – I enter the url’s of where I did my research.

Ninth column – I use to put where I received my stones and crystals.

Tenth column – If I paid for them I list how much.

Eleventh column – Is to list the different forms the gemstones or crystals come in. Also linked to a separate tab.

Second Tab: Intention


Third Tab: Chakra


The small amount of work it took to set it up was worth every minute.

Not only do I use Airtable for my Crystal and Stone Collection, I also use it  to organize my life. From meal planning, grocery lists, expense tracking, wish lists, trip planning  to social media planning. The options are endless.

I taught myself how to use Airtable but if you need help Airtable has several guides and videos that makes setting yours up a cinch.



Crystals + Gemstones - Keep Your Collection Organized + Stone Knowledge at Your Fingertips




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